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Where’s the Heart in Your Home?

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day prompts us all to examine where our hearts lie. Beyond all the chocolate, flowers and sappy cards is a true expression of appreciation and celebration of those we care about. This February, I’m encouraging homeowners who are considering putting their house on the market to celebrate what they love about their current home and to shine a spotlight on it as they prepare it for someone else to enjoy.

Think about what prompted you to buy or build your home in the first place. What was the “love at first sight” quality in your home?  Once you rekindle that appreciation for those special places (even if you’re ready to leave it for a more attractive option), spend some time and attention to make sure those spaces shine for a prospective homeowner. Here are a few suggestions....

  • If you once fell in love with your covered porch front entry, revisit it from a newcomer’s point of view. Freshen up the front door with a seasonal wreath and a fresh coat of paint or stain. Pressure wash and tidy it up and add a new welcome mat. 
  • If the kitchen found its place in your heart, demonstrate that with a vase of freshly cut flowers and a glass container filled with goodies on the counter. Take time to de-clutter, but leave out a rolling pin or a vintage mixer to suggest this is a place where new owners can create their own homemade memories.
  • If the lot is what captured your attention, invest in some professional landscaping to make sure it’s looking its best. Get that front lawn green and lush and hook them with a head-turning first impression of your home’s exterior landscape.
  • Is the hearth your special place? Create a cozy nook next to it to showcase how you have enjoyed it. When our photographer comes, ask him to capture a photo with the fireplace roaring. If it’s a gas fireplace, consider buying an air freshener or candle that smells like the real thing. 
  • Love your windows? Pull up the blinds and get those windows sparkling for photos and showings. See where the light illuminates your home and decorate with something that reflects the natural light.

The best strategy in preparing a home for a quick sale isn’tjust pricing it right – although that’s always good. In today’s market, sellers who take the time and effort to make their homes “lovable” will be able to attract buyers who are a good match for the price point they want to hit. Just like in any relationship, showing your home a little love can go a long way.