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Winter Is Best Time to Sell, Study Shows


The housing market doesn’t hibernate in the winter. Sellers who list and buyers who buy often find the winter season the most advantageous time to make a move in real estate, according to a new study by the real estate brokerage Redfin. The winter season officially takes place between Dec. 21 and March 20, and real estate professionals should be ready for a season that often brings in more focused and active sellers and buyers.


Winter Sales

Rush to Buy Homes During the Holidays?

Tips for Selling a Home in the Winter

Making the Most of Your Buyers' Winter Search

Staging Tips: Cold Weather, Warm Home

The Dos and Don'ts of Holiday Listings

The winter tends to net sellers’ more than their asking price during the months of December, January, February, and March than listings from June through November. Listing during those four winter months has resulted in higher percentages of above-asking-price sales than listing during any months, other than April and May.

Researchers say the winter market is less competitive for sellers since many people tend to wait until the spring to list. The smaller inventory of active listings help sellers get more attention from buyers on their properties. Also, many large corporations often transfer employees or hire new ones early in the year, creating opportunities for winter sellers from very motivated purchasers.

Sellers shouldn’t worry about the holidays hampering their chances either. A recent study by NAR found that 60 percent of real estate professionals advise their sellers to list a home during the holidays because they believe it’s an opportune time to sell. Nearly 80 percent of the real estate professionals surveyed said that more serious buyers emerge during the holidays, and 61 percent say less competition from other properties makes it an ideal time to sell.

As for buyers, they may find winter a good time to make a move too. Sellers often are more flexible about negotiations over prices and terms than they would in the spring, real estate professionals say.

“People get more realistic at this time of year,” particularly if their homes hadn’t sold during the summer and fall, says Mary Bayat, a broker in Washington, D.C., and chairwoman-elect of the Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®.

Source: “Best Time to List a Home for Sale? Winter, Redfin Says,” Los Angeles Times (Dec. 14, 2014)

It's a Seller's Market in Shelby County – the Strongest One I've Seen in Two Decades

When people casually ask me about the real estate market, they're often surprised by what they hear. Nationally, reports are up and down. However, here locally, Shelby County has experienced nothing but up in the last few years and I don't see many signs of it slowing down anytime soon. I've spent nearly two decades in real estate (and another two before that watching my father build a thriving business helping people buy and sell homes) and this current market is unlike any other I've been a part of. And, here's why ...

In recent years, the entry level price range for first time homebuyers was $125,000-$150,000 (see diagram below). In 2016, however, buyers emptied out nearly all the inventory priced at less than $180,000 in Shelby County. As a result, the entry level price range is now between $180,000-$200,000. I can count on both hands how many are currently for sale in that price range (eight, at press time).

2006 Home Sales vs. 2016 Home Sales (Shelby County)

The Shelby County housing market is thriving, but it needs more product to meet that demand. That doesn't mean you can simply put a sign in your yard and your house is sold, however. Sellers who want to make a profit need to have a plan, and our agents here at Torrey Smith Realty know how to execute a plan that professionally positions a home to sell at the right price and within a timeframe that matches homeowners' needs.

We go well beyond simply putting the home on the Multiple Listing Service. Our agents use a strategy that includes details and extras that give additional value in the selling experience, including:
• We know what time of the week is best to list and what information makes the listing more attractive to homebuyers.
• We dig deep into our interview process with sellers to determine closing timelines, possession dates and what they are willing to do to meet buyers' needs.
• We use a professional, in-house photographer to get high-resolution photos of each property (Click here for examples).
• We take drone aerial pictures and videos to offer a bird's eye perspective for buyers.
• We develop a pricing structure that helps avoid appraisal issues.

Drone/Aerial Pic of The Wathen Farm - Currently For Sale for $999,900 (119 Acres w/ House)

While today's market is the strongest seller's market that I've ever experienced in Shelby County during my 19 years in real estate, it's not a sure thing without a plan. I believe that we have the best plan for getting a home sold, and we're excited to continue promoting our region and building our economy by listing new homes that meet the demands of today's buyers and give home sellers the peace of mind in knowing they are entrusting someone who cares and someone who is equipped to help them make a profit and handle all the details in a timely, professional way. Interested in learning more?

Where’s the Heart in Your Home?

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day prompts us all to examine where our hearts lie. Beyond all the chocolate, flowers and sappy cards is a true expression of appreciation and celebration of those we care about. This February, I’m encouraging homeowners who are considering putting their house on the market to celebrate what they love about their current home and to shine a spotlight on it as they prepare it for someone else to enjoy.

Think about what prompted you to buy or build your home in the first place. What was the “love at first sight” quality in your home?  Once you rekindle that appreciation for those special places (even if you’re ready to leave it for a more attractive option), spend some time and attention to make sure those spaces shine for a prospective homeowner. Here are a few suggestions....

  • If you once fell in love with your covered porch front entry, revisit it from a newcomer’s point of view. Freshen up the front door with a seasonal wreath and a fresh coat of paint or stain. Pressure wash and tidy it up and add a new welcome mat. 
  • If the kitchen found its place in your heart, demonstrate that with a vase of freshly cut flowers and a glass container filled with goodies on the counter. Take time to de-clutter, but leave out a rolling pin or a vintage mixer to suggest this is a place where new owners can create their own homemade memories.
  • If the lot is what captured your attention, invest in some professional landscaping to make sure it’s looking its best. Get that front lawn green and lush and hook them with a head-turning first impression of your home’s exterior landscape.
  • Is the hearth your special place? Create a cozy nook next to it to showcase how you have enjoyed it. When our photographer comes, ask him to capture a photo with the fireplace roaring. If it’s a gas fireplace, consider buying an air freshener or candle that smells like the real thing. 
  • Love your windows? Pull up the blinds and get those windows sparkling for photos and showings. See where the light illuminates your home and decorate with something that reflects the natural light.

The best strategy in preparing a home for a quick sale isn’tjust pricing it right – although that’s always good. In today’s market, sellers who take the time and effort to make their homes “lovable” will be able to attract buyers who are a good match for the price point they want to hit. Just like in any relationship, showing your home a little love can go a long way.


Alicia Soldat joins Torrey Smith Realty Co. with an enthusiasm to help others embrace Shelby County

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Alicia Soldat joins Torrey Smith Realty with an enthusiasm to help others embrace the Shelby County community as boldly as she has in the last three years. As a newcomer from North Carolina, she was originally drawn the Shelbyville for its location and its proximity to her husband and his job. However, as she has planted roots, she's realized that it's not just a place that's conveniently located a few miles from the big city, but, rather, it offers a true sense of place and belonging that's unique in today's world. "Not only is Shelbyville a great place to settle because you don't have to deal with traffic or other metropolitan problems, but it offers a diverse menu of resources, industries and quality of life benefits that make it a great place to live and work. That's hard to find. Where I lived in North Carolina, the community was solely supported by the furniture industry, and when that left, it was devastating for the area. I think Shelbyville is well established and offers so many things to enjoy, experience and grow from," she said.

Alicia also values the entrepreneurial synergy brewing within the community. This spring, she's set to earn her bachelor's degree in marketing at the University of Louisville, where she is also minoring in entrepreneurship. She's looking forward to putting those skills to use in her role as an agent at Torrey Smith Realty Company. During her time in Shelbyville, Alicia has gained some valuable insight into the behind-the-scenes aspects of real estate, through experience working at a property management company.

She and her husband, Jacob (and their dogs Larry and Tinkerbell), purchased their first house just shy of two years ago, so the feeling of achieving the American Dream of homeownership is still fresh. "I know how good that felt, and I want to help others experience that by helping them find a home that's perfect for them. Every house is not a home. I want to find the one that's a match for them," she explained. Alicia said she chose Torrey Smith Realty as a place to start that effort because she wanted to work with someone who had a mentorship attitude. "When I first met with Torrey, it was obvious that he was focused on helping others. He and his team of Realtors have a great reputation in the community and I felt like this was a good place to land. Also, he sold my mother-in-law's home in one week, so I knew that he was focused on his clients," she added.

Aside from new home here in Shelby County, Alicia said her heart is at the beach and one day she hopes to start a non-profit organization that would benefit sea life and the waterways. For now, however, her passion is flowing to get her feet wet in the real estate industry and serve the community she's grown to love.


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