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Over 100 Homes Sold by Torrey Smith Realty Co. in North Country Subdivision

My company has had the privilege of participating in the sale of over 100 Homes in North Country Subdivision since its existence in 2000.  As a token of my appreciation for what North Country has provided for my company and my family, I am offering a $500 Listing Commission Rebate for any North Country homeowner that lists and sells their home with Torrey Smith Realty Co., LLC in the year 2016.

KY Real Estate Reference:  Under a Consent Decree entered into between the Commission and the United States Department of Justice in July of 2005, the Commission will no longer enforce the prohibition on inducements and rebates. Please mark out any references to this prohibition in this textbook. Inducements and rebates are now legal in Kentucky, as long as they are disclosed in writing to the client or customer.  Click here to read more...