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I Sell Shelby

I don't hide the fact that I really enjoy my work. I love helping clients find the home that fits their needs and goals. More than that I love introducing my friends and clients to Shelby County.

Yes Shelby County isn't perfect. We have are share of disagreements about how things ought to be done. But what town doesn't? Our differences and opinions are what make us unique and getting past these things are what makes us a diverse community.

When I am showing a client around Shelby County I turn into a tour guide. I get to brag on our huge parks system, our bustling downtown, the busy industries, funded nonprofits, and our historic landmarks. I'll admit I may go a little over board but our County might be the best in the Commonwealth! Did you know all Woodford Reserve Bourbon is made with Shelby County Corn? That's awesome! We have young people in our community that have been recognized nationally for their charitable work. Not to mention an entire breed of horses claims Shelby County as home. Why are we not screaming this from the rooftops?!

What is your favorite thing about Shelby County?