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My first month at Torrey Smith Realty Co., LLC


     My name is Kaenan Stein and I go to a school called Big Picture Learning Academy. Big Picture Learning Academy is a program in which you go to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and on Tuesday and Thursday you are in a business throughout your community interning. This is a unique opportunity for students because they can try out different jobs and businesses and see if its something that would interest them in the future. For my internship I chose Torrey Smith Realty Company so I could learn different business and marketing skills and see if realty is something i would be interested in pursuing.  I have been interning here for almost 4 weeks and can definitely say i have enjoyed it. They have had many do many different things like observe sales meetings, writing letters, and simply learning the aspects of realty. I am vary thankful for this opportunity and am interested to see what else interning here has to offer. 

    Today I went on a ride with Corey Miller out to Simpsonville to go door knocking. We knocked on about 25 doors throughout Rolling Ridge. When someone answered the door we would start a conversation, ask a few questions then see if they were interested in selling there home. Some people were interested in selling in the near future some just weren't interested at all. When someone didn't answer the door we would leave a flyer in case they weren't home at the time. Then when we got back to the office we made a phone call and sent out a letter to people who seemed interested in maybe selling there home. Overall it was a productive day, I got to learn some new marketing techniques and different ways to engage conversations with people to see if they would be interested in selling there home.